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OSCN – Learning about Oklahoma State Courts Network

The Oklahoma State Courts Network or OSCN is a system which helps ensure public safety and judiciary system transparency. As long as you have internet connection, you can access court records from the Oklahoma on demand anytime.

This system enables the public to check Oklahoma court records easily. They can visit the place to do a OSCN case look for background checking their companies, employees, schools, landlords, and others. Everday over 500,000 individuals come to OSCN net.

The OSCN net website is a comprehensive source of court records, such as civil, small claims, divorce, criminal, and probate cases at 18 courthouses and OSCN Tulsa County. The website also gives info you may need, like civil and criminal appeals o the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals and Oklahoma Supreme Court. The link of the site is

The reason for the creation of OSCN is to provide transparency for justice by providing information from the Oklahoma Constitution and the Oklahoma statutes.

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OSCN Case Search – Searching for a Oklahoma court records from the OSCN System

Open your internet browser and type the website www oscn net on the search bar. You will arrive at the OSCN homepage after pressing Enter. Click the Court Dockets option located on the upper part of the page. There’s a space on the left side of the page and it is where you must place your case number, if you have it. Choose the name of the county first before clicking GO. You can go to Search Documents if you do not know your case number.

Right after picking Search Documents, you will then proceed on the county selection. Set Oklahoma Courts as the county you will search a record from, and don’t forget to input your full name to search swiftly. Several fields are optional so you will not have to complete them all. Last but not least, click on GO.

The information you have entered would be used to find all the cases registered in the same name. From here, you could browse the results and begin narrowing your search by checking information of the different cases provided. Open this and you will also find some related documents to it. You may click on the documents and there must be a print option, if you want it.

If there’s no document available or rather than a link you’ll find a message which says you need to visit the Court Clerk¡¯s office, you could call the Court Clerk in order to request a copy.

A lot of cases before 1994 are not included on OSCN net so you must expect that if the case that you are looking for is before OSCN, contact the Court Clerk immediately.

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Mail OSCN Case Search

There are occasions when a user does not know the OSCN case search number. If this is your scenario, mail the Court Clerk named Marie Ramsey with a SASE or Self Addresses Stamp Envelope and $5 for the record search fee. Do not forget to write the case details, such as the names involved in the case. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to find the case.

Here are guidelines regarding the price of services you might need:

The 1st page of document copies costs $1

Extra Page – 50 cents

Certification – Fifty cents

$5 for Authenticated Copies


OSCN Case Search Through Phone

The case search isn’t supported in mobile format.

Finding out about Accessibility of ODCR and OSCN Court Dockets

OSCN provides a lot of info except usage information. This means many individuals enjoy the site’s accessibility. Lots of people come every day to search for cases. Yearly, roughly Six million individuals visit the website and use it.

Anyone can visit ODCR com and OSCN net without paying anything.


Help Desk for OSCN net

The e-supports team is always online to answer your queries. You could contact them by simply clicking


Contact Info of OSCN net

You may decide to visit the location or contact through e-mail.

Location: Oklahoma Judicial Center 2100 N Lincoln Blvd

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Send e-mail to E-mail:

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Online Questions Page in OSCN net

Questions can be achieved at Choose which database you would like to search in.