According to one of our website, new changes are made to the OSCN website, where information about a certain OSCN case can be found. Due to those change, it is easier for people to access the district case laws and appellate of Oklahoma. I also found Legal Alerts, which can be a really useful tool for certain individuals. This feature is actually given to the anybody who subscribe Lexis or Westlaw.

Those in Oklahoma can definitely benefit form Legal Arts. Since there are companies which aren’t subscribed to Lexis or Westlaw, there are features they might be missing. The reason for not subscribing is the limited budget of smaller companies.

Legal Alerts offers many perks. For example, a document against your client has already been filed to the court but you don’t have a copy of it. The reason that the opposing party will give you is they “forgot.” Through Legal Alerts, clients are to be informed when the case is filed.

It helps remind you of changes in the case you are presently in. You do not have to wait for the other party to give you a copy of the files. You do not also have to depend on the mail copy and wait for it to arrive.

In the case if you would want to learn more about Legal Alerts, it is best which you check out their website because this is where you will find everything that you need to know. It’s also possible to contact Shawn Roberts, the co-founder of Legal Alerts, for help and answers to your inquiries.