Removing Your Records in OSCN and ODCR

Reasons Why People Erase ODCR and OSCN Court Dockets

  1. Making new friends and having a job is challenging when the ODCR and OSCN count records still hold your information. Privacy matters is one of the best reasons for wanting to remove one’s information from the portal. Lots of people really feel ashamed about it.
  2. Seeking the Oklahoma court dockets is easy and everyone can access the OSCN court dockets to use the OSCN case research. For this reason, individuals are worried about getting their identity stolen. Considering the risk and the occurrence of such criminal offense, people decided to get their personal information removed. The record contains one’s complete name, address, birthdate, and social security number, that are valuable info.
  3. They want to work. Needless to say, one should be employed to finance his or her daily needs but what will happen if the company finds out that you have an Oklahoma court record – you get immediately rejected. To avoid that from taking place, you should get her or his records erased.


Exactly what are the forms of Oklahoma court records that could be eliminated from ODCR com and OSCN net?

  1. Expunged convictions that provide Protective Orders or VPOs or POs.
  2. Public Juvenile Records are likely to be expunged.
  3. A lawyer can assist with the expungement of Misdemeanor and Felony cases.

To be able to remove the cases from the www1 ODCR com and the www OSCN net, you may speak directly with an attorney.