What to Know About OSCN & ODCR

What are the Information on ODCR com? What is OUCMS?

The State of Oklahoma’s official second court docket online portal is the On Demand Court Records (ODCR) at www.odcr.com. The front page of ODCR allows search for court records. Both websites can be used by the public free of charge.

The OSCN and ODCR have now been changed by Oklahoma Unified Case Management System (OUCMS), which has been around since 2013. For now, just those which are allowed by the Supreme Court could be found in the website.


Sealing Cases of Small Claims, Eviction, Divorce, or Civil; How to do it

Sealing cases concering evictions, small claims, civil suits, and divorces is currently not possible for due to the recent opinion of the Oklahoma Supreme Court in Shadid v. Hammond, 2013 OK 103. We could however execute redaction of social security and bank account numbers, and other specific info included in the filings and online case records.

If that service is of great interest to you, please speak directly withan attorney to get started.

There was a change in the efficiency of sealing different types of cases after Shadid. Now, it is much simpler to seal (expunge) a criminal case than it’s to seal a civil case. If you feel that isn’t right, please make contact with your State Legislator and tell them how you feel (we already have).

Identity Theft: Do ODCR & OSCN Have My Personal Data?

Yes, they’re at risk. The complete name, birthdate, address, social security details, along with other info of all felonies filed in Logan County in 2000 can be found in the website no matter whether these individuals have been convicted or not. You can find these information in the scanned documents inside the case (generally the “Criminal Felony Initial Filing” entry). For those searching for the same information from other counties and years, they’re also easily accessible.

Under the Oklahoma Supreme Court and the Administrative Office of the Courts, accessing the site to download documents with personal details is now not authorized. This has taken effect since February 2017. Note that you must speak with your legal professional if you wish to have your information from OSCN and ODCR records deleted.